PSP Construction specialize in underground utilities, heavy construction and demolition, site work, deep cut excavation , new construction and exterior restoration of existing facilities.



PSP Construction's strengths include extensive experience in support of federal and local government construction contracts. We have successfully completed products in various industries:


-  Federal & State Government
-  Local Government

-  Public Transportation

-  Non-profit Organizations

-  Home Construction

-  Commercial development



In order to better serve the needs of clients, PSP Construction Inc. has the capability to perform up to 60% of all trades-work with our own forces, including:


-  Site Work
-  Underground Utilities

-  Excavation and backfill

-  Building Restoration

-  Concrete forming, placing, finishing

-  Reinforcing steel placement

-  Structural steel installation
-  Steel fabrication and installation

-  Rough and finished carpentry

-  Interior framing, walls & ceilings



We at PSP Construction Inc. are specialist in the trade of construction. We provide various services including:

-  Feasibility Stage
-  Preconstruction

-  Construction Management

-  General Construction



We at PSP Construction Inc. are specialists in the trade of construction, working in New York City and New Jersey. In the project feasibility stage, PSP Construction's services include site investigations, preliminary project schedules and current market pricing. When a prospective project site is identified, PSP Construction Inc. has the capability to assist its clients in site investigations to uncover potentially adverse conditions. Prior to commencement of project design, PSP Construction Inc. also can provide current market pricing evaluations and construction schedule information for the project to determine project feasibility. In the project feasibility stage, PSP Construction's services include site investigations, preliminary project schedules and current market pricing.




PSP Construction's full-time preconstruction staff provides clients with a wide variety of services from the earliest design stages through completed project design and beyond. An up-to-date cost database allows our preconstruction staff to develop an accurate project budget through design completion. Utilizing our own in-house expertise, we can also provide systems analyses, value engineering, and detailed document review and coordination to ensure the most cost-efficient and timely design. In addition, we assign the construction project team (Project Executive, Project Manager and Project Superintendent) during the preconstruction phase to provide scheduling, site management planning, constructability reviews and continuity with the construction phase.




In the role of construction manager, PSP Construction Inc. provides a full range of services to assist clients during the planning, design, and construction phases of projects. PSP Construction Inc. has provided construction management services for a wide variety of clients and project types, including educational, warehouse, office/corporate, healthcare, residential and industrial projects. PSP Construction's approach is to serve as an extension of our client's organization, complementing their capabilities and representing their interests throughout the during of the project. From the early planning and design stages through project completion and close-out, PSP Construction Inc. utilizes proven management systems and procedures to ensure that project goals are met. Somewhat unique to this delivery process, PSP Construction Inc. often provides early project guarantees to assist our clients in fixing the cost and schedule of the project early in the development process.




Providing at-risk general contracting services has been the mainstay of PSP Construction's business for over 10 years. Clients in the private sector frequently negotiate projects with us and benefit from our ability to consistently deliver high-quality projects at very competitive prices. Traditionally, PSP Construction Inc. secures approximately 60% of its projects by competitive bid. To successfully participate in this market, PSP Construction Inc. is continually fine tuning every aspect of the project delivery process to ensure that we are providing the highest level of client services at the most competitive price.